Designed specifically for product development teams, Avata CPD facilitates and expedites the product realization processes by empowering product developers, product managers and marketers to collaborate efficiently across the web as they plan and execute new product releases. Here is a sample of what people such as you are saying about Avata CPD.

“Avata offers the fastest and easiest solution for project management. I am loving it!”
Paul Rohaly, Director of Engineering, OEM Controls

“Avata CPD takes a complex problem and provides a simple and easy to use collaborative solution. While other tools are designed around the needs of product managers or product developers, Avata has designed CPD to be useful across the entire team and on all aspects of product development – very cool!”
Ulli Tanurhan, Product Manager at a leading security software company

“For projects with many conflicting requirements and limited resources to implement them, Avata CPD enables an objective and collaborative approach to an optimal solution. The “aha” moment comes when you realize how much more effective and efficient your team can be when you are not limited to using Excel, email and MS Project.”
Chris Winter, data storage product management executive

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